Why Us

Solutions for Everyone

Instant Foods

Indulge in the flavours of the Caribbean with our popular Instant Food, where each bite is a symphony of tropical delights. Experience the sun-soaked essence of paradise on your plate.

Frozen Foods

Farm Fresh is best… Our frozen produce is washed and packaged every two days for your convenience. We supply, wholesome, all-natural produce in various cuts and volumes.

LIFE Foods

Shop online and enjoy healthy foods, packed with nutrients with no added preservatives, additives or msg. We will deliver your delicious goodies straight to your doorstep.


We make yours easier​

LIFE is about using innovation to supply the essentials in a manner that will help make your life easier. We seek to provide new and unique solutions for ‘the new normal’ and the many global challenges that face us. LIFE remains environmentally conscious, utilizing what we have naturally and reducing the waste footprint of consumption. At LIFE we believe there is a need to build and support communities, strengthen connections and improve the overall quality of life.