We’ve all done it, hot day, parched throat, we then purchase a bottled water to quench our thirst and often we simply toss the bottle. No biggie, right? Wrong. This means we are partly responsible for the more than 8 million tonnes of plastic waste that are in the oceans right now.

Though we are partly responsible for polluting the ocean, we’re also responsible enough to find eco-friendly alternatives to plastic water bottles.

Here are 3 eco-friendly alternatives to plastic water bottles to help reduce plastic waste:

1. Insulated stainless steel bottles are characterized by their ability to keep drinks hot and cold for hours. These bottles are available in multiple sizes and shapes, so they’re convenient enough to fulfil everyone’s everyday water consumption needs.

These bottles are stylish, come in a variety of colours, are easy to wash and maintain. Best of all they’re reusable, meaning less plastic water bottles in the ocean.

2. Glass Bottles are green and good for your health. Storing water in these bottles won’t change the smell and taste since they don’t include chemicals commonly found in plastic bottles. Glass bottles are versatile. You can use them to store cold and hot drinks.

They are a great alternative to plastic water bottles.

3. Aluminium bottles are 100 percent recyclable, and come in multiple designs and styles. And because these bottles are insulated you can enjoy cold or hot water when necessary. Easy to clean and maintain, sleek, light weight and stylish, aluminium water bottles are a perfect alternative to plastic water bottles.

In addition to choosing the right water bottle, drinking responsibly also means choosing the right water dispenser is just as important. Now, you can enjoy better tasting water without chlorine, fluoride, lead and other harmful chemicals. That’s why LIFE brings you the O2 Water Unit – The Responsible Water.

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