Novo, under its LIFE brand, has invested heavily into this field with the sole aim of providing customers high quality options for the foods they consume. It is our firm belief that we must add value and choice for customers in a world where customers demand and deserve more when they make purchases. 

Our agro processing plant allows us to do just that. We have implemented state of the art, innovative technology in our operations and created an ecosystem of partners that allows us to be competitive in providing healthy, natural high quality food and by-products that can be used as feed, fibre or fuel. 

We also take great pride in providing high quality packaging because we believe the package itself must reflect the quality of produce contained inside. The material used in our packaging is bio friendly. We use technology to extend the life of the packaged goods, ensuring they remain healthy and maintain nutritional value, without adding chemicals and unnatural preservatives.  

Even our package sizes are determined with the customer in mind, giving you the choice to buy only what you need.  

Wastage can now be a thing of the past. Shop with us as we work towards providing you a healthier and higher quality of LIFE.