For the period April 1st – 30th all Smart Garden Units will be available at a specially reduced price.

Wall Planter – 3 rows $1350
Wall Planter – 5 rows $1690
Wall Planter – 7 rows $2250
Tower $2250

Yes, we deliver to most areas, however, a Sales Rep will contact you to confirm if Delivery is available in your location.

Delivery is TT$100.

We have a starter pack available FREE with the purchase of the Tower and the Wall Planter 7 rows. The starter pack is $100 with the purchase of the Wall Planter 3 rows and 5 rows.

The Starter Pack includes Soil/Clay Pebbles, nutrients, 24 seedlings.

You will have the choice of 6 seedlings and you will receive 4 of each to give you a total of 24 seedlings. Please note your choice of seedlings is based on availability.

Smart Garden Wall Planter Smart Garden Tower
Kale Chive
Chive Thyme
Spinach Celery
Lettuce Parsley
Chadon Beni Bok Choy
Peppers (hot, pimento, sweet) Chadon Beni

You can give us a call or send us a WhatsApp at 496-5433 (LIFE).