So, I was obsessed over this no soil system and after seeing the Smart Garden Units and comparing them, I decided to go with the Wall Planter…which uses soil!

I was liking the idea of getting my hands dirty with gloves on lol, and really feeling like I planted and grew something, although the Unit is going to do most of the work.

The size of the Wall Planter is really neat, it’s 2ft wide and depending on the number of rows you take, it can range from 3ft to 5ft.

You can either have your Unit delivered to you or you can opt for curbside pick-up. I collected mine, got home and took the unit out of the box. The unit was already pre-installed, so I had NOTHING to do except find a spot for it*. Great customer experience I have to admit. *(It is recommended to place the unit outdoor in a sheltered area where it can get sunlight, but not be exposed to rain.)

A friend gave me two tomato plants to start off with. Now please remember, I’ve never planted anything before, so I’m starting from square one and sharing with you the process.

STEP 1: Get your soil mix. Soil mix means you get soil and nutrients in one. I got the mix from a plant shop.

STEP 2: Decide if you want seeds, seedlings (seeds that have germinated) or a plant to start with. I went with plants, so I am at a head start currently. Chive, Chadon Beni, Rosemary and my two Tomato Plants and just because it’s Christmas I got a Poinsettia to add to my start up garden.

STEP 3: Place the soil and plants in the individual pots. The white dots you see in the soil are the nutrients.

STEP 4: Fill the tank and set the timer and plug in. Mine is currently set to water the plants once a day for 3mins.


Now I wait…lol super easy and I am excited. Next, step get some seeds by my new friend at the plant shop who so politely said ‘You sound like you are now getting into this ???? ‘

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