The O2 Water Unit Unit produces up to 20 Liters (5 gallons) per day of purified, great tasting water from the air. It is easy to operate, environmentally friendly and does not take away from our increasingly scarce groundwater resources.

With the seven stage EZ-Filter system, air is drawn through a HEPA Air Filter. Water vapor in the air makes contact with the stainless steel coils and condensation occurs, producing water that then goes through the remainder of the 7-stage EZ-Filter process producing up to 20Liters of purified water.

Yes, the water has been tested by The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) and it is safe to drink. The 7 stage EZ-Filter process produces 20Liters (5 gallons) of purified great tasting water per day with no chlorine, fluoride, lead or other harmful ingredients.

The machine has 7 filters. The unit displays when it is time to replace a filter and which one needs to be replaced. Below is the recommended timing for replacing the filters:

HEPA Air EZ-Filter – Every 3 months

Bottom Tank LED UV EZ-Filter – Every 12 months

Sediment EZ-Filter – Every 6 months

Pre-Carbon EZ-Filter – Every 6 months

Ultra-Fine Membrane EZ-Filter – Every 12 months

Post-Carbon EZ-Filter – Every 12 months

Top Tank LED UV EZ-Filter – Every 12 months

Filters are available through the company. Email us at or give us a call at 496-LIFE (5433).

The O2 Water Unit is not designed for outside use. Good ventilation is required to ensure optimal performance. It should not be placed in an area where it can be easily bumped and should be at least 12 inches (30 cm) from any wall or other structure. Unit must be placed indoors, upright and on a solid and level floor

Yes, it will generate water on a rainy day and at night. In some locations, the best time to produce water will be at night due to higher relative humidity levels.

The amount of water produced will vary based upon relative humidity and temperature. The most efficient operation occurs at over 40% and 24℃ respectively. At lower levels, the machine will produce purified great tasting water, but at lesser volumes. Overall operating ranges are relative humidity 28%-90%, temperature 15-45℃.

17” (L) x 11.75” (W) x 45.5” (H) OR 1FT (L) x 0.9FT (W) x 3.7FT (H)

Yes standard 110. If it is normal to be without electricity for more than one day we recommend that you get a backup generator.

You can get both hot and cold water from the unit. CAUTION: The hot water is dispensed at 180℉ (82℃). Avoid contact with skin. The cold water dispenses at 44℉ (6℃). A child safety lock can be enabled for the hot water.

Yes, the unit will be serviced by Novo, free during the lease period and you will get free filter changes for one year.

Yes, the display unit will identify when there is an error.

Lease for 36 months$500 per month
Lease to own 30months $618.75 per month
Full cost$10,125.00