Customers can purchase the Smart Garden Tower Unit or the Smart Garden Wall Planter Unit at a specially discounted price during the Christmas Promotion.

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The promotion runs from Dec 1st – Dec 31st 2020.

Smart Garden: Tower Smart Garden: Wall Planter 3 rows Smart Garden: Wall Planter 5 rows Smart Garden: Wall Planter 7 rows
$2550 VI $1350 VI $2025 VI $2550 VI

The Smart Garden Tower uses horticubes to grow leafy herbs and seasonings while the Smart Garden Wall Planter uses soil to grow the crops.

Horticubes are designed to maintain an ideal air to water balance, even under heavy watering conditions especially for hydroponic units. You simply place the seeds in the horticubes. Once the seeds germinate the horticubes can then be placed in the Smart Garden Pockets.

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Smart Garden Tower Unit: Chadon Beni, Chive, Celery, Mini Cactus, Marigold, Periwinkle are some herbs and plants you can grow.

Smart Garden Wall Planter Unit: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pimento Pepper, Hot Pepper are some crops you can grow.


Every 2 weeks nutrients mixed with water should be poured into the unit. It is important to remember that the water level cannot exceed 5 gallons.

We recommend the Unit be placed outdoor in a sheltered area where it can also get sunlight. If placed indoor you need at least 4ft height space and 4 LED strip lights per unit.

Yes, you must plug in the Unit this allows the timer to water the plants every few hours. If you are without electricity for more than one day, we recommend you water the plants individually.

Beautifully designed to complement outdoor settings

· Automatic watering, so the user does not have to water the plants themselves

· Vertical drip irrigation planters made easy

· Minimal maintenance is needed. We recommend every 4-5 weeks you simply clean your unit with water, inside and outside


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