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LIFE Farms

With the latest in automated farming technologies, we are introducing a new wave of agritech and agro processing solutions in the local market. Using indoor Bioponic and Hydroponic technology, together with robotic automation, our farming systems require little to no effort. Our solutions are scientifically engineered to reduce waste and provide the best quality of healthy, organic crops as we ensure we remain environmentally conscious, utilizing natural resources and reducing the waste footprint.

We sell the latest in residential hydroponic farming units, allowing you to grow your own leafy herbs indoor or outdoor. The units are extremely easy to install and maintain. Having a green thumb is no longer a requirement to grow your own kitchen garden!

We also provide fresh produce in convenient packaging sizes, ready for immediate consumption and delivered straight to your door.

Throughout our entire operations, our goal is to always to provide high quality products and services in an environment that conforms to public health guidelines and Good Agricultural Practices. ​

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Smart Garden Units

We sell the latest in residential hydroponic farming units, allowing you to grow your own leafy herbs indoor or outdoor. The units are extremely easy to install and maintain so no major effort is required on your end!

Agro Processing and Packaging

We take great pride in providing high quality packaging. We believe the package itself must reflect the quality of produce inside. The material used in our packaging is bio friendly. We use technology to extend the life of the packaged goods, ensuring they remain healthy and maintain nutritional value, without adding chemicals and unnatural preservatives.