You can decide which model best suits your needs. The models available are: 

  • Thermal Scanner Standing Unit with face identification  
  • Thermal Scanner Wall Mounted Unit with face identification  
  • Thermal Scanner Desktop Unit with face identification  
  • Thermal Scanner Unit with Hand Sanitising Bay 
  • Thermal Scanner E-Gate with face identification  
  • Facial recognition helps avoid the need for physical contact with items such as a pen and book or a fingerprint reader when visitors or employees enter 
  • Face-with-mask Scanning: can detect faces even with a mask on. If someone is not wearing a mask and they should be, an alarm will go off 
  • Temperature Detection: supports real-time temperature detection, an alarm goes off when someone passes a certain temperature 
  • Touchless Hand Sanitisation Bay: ensures that everyone santises before entry without touching the unit  
  • Robust reporting capabilities that allow for real time monitoring and greatly assist in contact tracing efforts  
  • Instant email alerts can be set to predefined persons informing them of any visitor whose temperature has exceeded the accepted level  

The data can be stored locally on the Thermal Scanning Device or on your personal local server/computer or on cloud platform. 

Reports are generated for the various data captured and can be used to: 

  • Track employees’ arrival and departure times 
  • Generate activity reports for individual entrances 
  • Identify whose temperature was above normal 

No, the unit does not come with hand sanitiser, this would have to be purchased independently.  

You can use alcohol based hand sanitiser and place in the 1000ml refillable inner bottle.  

Yes, it is safe for persons of all ages, even children. You, however, may choose to limit usage based on your company’s policy.  

No, you must stand in front of the unit to have your temperature recorded. 

  • Units are equipped with LED ambient lighting. The temperature detection can take place in very low light conditions. However, the Facial and Mask Recognition require some level of lighting. 

IMPORTANT: Do not place the unit in an area where there is direct heat or the temperature reading will be obscured. 

  • Scanning typically completes within 3 seconds. 

The software does not need regular updates. However, Novo will support any required updates with new features, bug fixes and system improvements that may be released. 

Thermal Scanner – Desktop/ Wall MountThermal Scanner – Full SizeThermal Scanner with Hand Sanitising Bay Thermal Scanner E-Gate
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