I think at some point we all have had the fleeting thought of having our own DIY Garden.

I have had such thoughts and as fast as they came to mind, they dissolved away. I cannot take care of plants. A friend thought it was a good idea to give me a cactus as a gift, knowing my reputation. “There is no way you can kill the plant,” she said. Needless to say, the cactus suffered the same fate as previous counterparts…it died.

COVID-19 struck and I was paying closer attention to eating healthier. Salads became mandatory in my diet. Going to the grocery and timing my stock level at home is a balancing act. Honestly, some days I just don’t want a salad and before I know it my lettuce has melted and my tomatoes are growing mold. Again, the thought of growing my own vegetables and seasonings flashed across my mind. Logic stepped in to weigh the pros and cons.


· Save gas money – less grocery trips

· Save on grocery bill – I don’t have to spend money replenishing wasted veggies stuck to my crisper

· Bragging rights – I get to show off on IG and gain some cool points

· I know what I’m putting in my body. I am growing what I eat!


· I am not going to remember to water those plants

· I don’t like soil

· I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN!!! How do I grow a tomato? Throw a tomato in soil?

· Frogs, worms, snails

· The work…the extra work…

As you can see my “Cons” list is a bit longer, but something caught my interest that tipped the scale for the “Pros” list. A Smart Garden Unit, that waters and feeds my plants for me, one of the units DOES NOT NEED SOIL!!! Ummm, what…?

LIFE was about to make MY life easier! Stay tuned for the unfolding of this novice’s home gardening tale.

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