Before we get into why you need a Kitchen Garden, let’s just make sure we are on the same page and we know WHAT a Kitchen Garden is!

In the simplest terms, a Kitchen Garden is where herbs, seasonings and vegetables are grown around the house for household use. That’s it. So, let’s get into why it’s a great idea to have your own Kitchen Garden.


You decide to create a fancy spinach shrimp alfredo pasta on a random Wednesday night, or you have to season some meat, but you have no spinach and you’ve run out of seasoning. Guess what, if you have your own Kitchen Garden you can simply pick spinach, chive or chadon beni from your own garden because you would have been growing it on your own! You don’t have to put off making your meal and you don’t have to worry about heading to the grocery or market to get something as simple as seasoning.


What can beat knowing that you are growing your own fresh Trini seasoning or vegetables in your home? You know first-hand that the lettuce or tomatoes you are eating in your salad have been picked the same day you are eating it and your salad does not consist of produce that has been sitting on a shelf for weeks.


Let’s be real, when we purchase Kale, celery, pak-choi, to name a few, from the market or grocery store we don’t know what chemicals farmers have used to grow the produce. Our health is affected by these foreign chemicals. Yes, we can wash and soak the produce, but wouldn’t it give you peace of mind knowing what you’ve planted and how you’ve planted it?


It’s 2021, the world is still learning to cope with Covid-19, mentally, physically and financially. Every little dollar you save can go such a long way. Have you ever calculated how much you spend on herbs and vegetables every month and how much is wasted because of spoilage? Investing in your kitchen garden today means you save money in the long run. You can grow a variety of seasonings and vegetables in a Smart Garden Tower or Wall Planter Unit.


Kitchen gardens are not limited to only seasoning or vegetables, you can also grow ornamental flowers or plants. The best part about the LIFE Smart Garden Tower and Wall Planter Units, you don’t have to worry about watering or feeding your plants daily. The units come with their own tank that pumps water and nutrients to the plants daily. Whether you are new to kitchen gardening or not your plants can flourish as they would not be neglected!

So there you have it! The Top 5 reasons you need a Kitchen Garden. LIFE has Smart Garden Units available to suit your budget and preferences. Unlike other systems available, LIFE’s Smart Garden Units are not attached to a water source as it is equipped with its own tank. What does this mean? It means you simply top up the tank every 2-3 weeks and the unit takes care of the watering and feeding for you daily.

If you want to get started with your Kitchen Garden you can contact us here.

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