Want to know 4 Reasons why the O2 Water Unit is better for You and The Environment? Read on…

The year is 2021 and ‘Mauby-coloured’ or heavily chlorine water seem to be the choices some of us are faced with when it comes to our pipe-borne water supply. The reality is, some nationals living in Trinidad and Tobago still don’t have access to clean, potable water.

“The water in our taps is not suitable for drinking or cooking. The plumber called it “dead water,” but at least it is wet, it is available and it would not necessarily kill us. Before using it I add bicarbonate of soda to restore the alkaline content. I also buy bottled water.”

This is a real account published in the Trinidad Newsday Newspaper in February 2021. The article goes on further, giving insight to the harsh reality citizens face in Trinidad and Tobago when it comes to something which we consider a basic human right: water. Source: Deepening Water Woes

Our options should not be limited to plastic bottled water or ‘dead water.’ Below we outline the benefits of a third option, the O2 Water Unit, that can be better for you and the Environment.

Less Plastic Waste

The unit does not come with a bottle. Instead it dispenses water you can drink from your own reusable bottle/glass. One less plastic bottle to throw away means you are contributing to a smaller plastic waste footprint.

Clean, Drinkable Water

The unit pulls moisture from the air removing dirt and dust through a filter. This is then converted it into water which is filtered through 5 filters for safe, clean water without chlorine, fluoride and other harmful impurities.

Water available 365 days a year

Because the unit requires just the air around us to create potable water, you don’t have to worry about going without water.

Help reduce flooding

Plastics are a major culprit when it comes to flooding which occurs every year in Trinidad and Tobago. Unfortunately, plastics are not disposed of correctly, and as more people purchase plastic bottled water without proper disposal, this problem will continue to occur.

The O2 Water Unit from LIFE is an investment, but it’s one that can benefit both you and the environment. The Unit can be leased at $405 per month. For more info check out: The O2 Water Unit or contact us!

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